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Shaping the future together

Stable and long-term partnerships form the basis of our success: for decades, we have accompanied our clients worldwide, empowering them to be ahead of their time.

Success obligates us to continuously prove ourselves as a strong partner in the process industry. With over 300 completed Projects and Turnarounds and a total volume of over 5 billion Euros, we keep pursuing our goal:

We will not rest until you are satisfied.

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Shaping the future of your
industry together

The solutions we provide not only aim to answer your current demands but are designed to be the key to sustainable success. Our customers agree with us.



Oil. Gas. Petrochemistry.

You are at the beginning of the value-chain for many other industries: Besides delivering energy and fuels, our clients also provide the basis for many of the things that make life safer and more comfortable. Productivity and safety rank first among your demands. Our services enable our clients to implement their projects successfully.

"The jointly conceived solutions through the project team enabled a cross-application projectmanagement. This enabled us to significantly cut down the time for planning and shutdown. The data gathered also will provide us with valuable intelligence to use for future shutdowns and to evaluate future turnarounds in a meaningful way. The employees of ep-cm project management proved a key reason in this excellent result with their tireless effort, interdisciplinary expertise and enormous experience."

TA Manager, Refinery

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How can we ensure the food demands of over 10 billion people worldwide? A powerful agriculture sector needs support in crop protection, seeds and fertilization. Our clients make a decisive contribution and we support them with solutions to ensure that their processes run smoothly, flexible and are prepared for the future.

"Our highly seasonal chemical products demand that our projects are executed in a predictable and precise manner. Over many years and across many projects, ep-cm project management has supported us exactly were it counts, proving crucial when we as a plant operator and producer met out methodical and personell limits."

Global TAR Manager, CropScience

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From a solar cell to a lipstick or a smartphone: the chemical industry is constantly present in providing the products that shape our everyday life. As diverse as the processes in this industry are, so are the demands towards those projects. Together with our clients, we ensure that the complexity is kept under control and that your assets and investments are meeting today and tomorrows standards.

"Since 2014, we have cooperated successfully with ep-cm project management on over 12 international Turnarounds and Greenfield/Brownfield projects, with the project-size ranging from 15 to 120 million USD. ep-cm project management helped us to consistently optimise our processes and raise the efficiency of planning and execution significantly."

Global TAR Manager, Chemistry

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Health is the most important asset. Medicine and medical products help patients every day. One of the key challenges facing the pharma industry today is providing access to effective medicine and therapy options to everyone. We support our clients in establishing their plants and secure launch in a timely manner.

"As an innovative company, we often have to take new roads in the project planning and execution stages. ep-cm project management has supported us in our efforts with much needed expertise and creativity. Together, we were able to execute many high-priority projects with a diverse scope of tasks"

Projekt manager, pharmaceutical industry

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Energy is the motor of society and economy. Among the challenges facing our clients today are new energy sources, a decentralization of the markets, new technologies for production, distribution and storage of energy. We support our clients by together shaping the energy market with an eye towards the future and sustainability to maximize the chances for your venture.

"ep-cm project management took on the analysis and execution of the schedule mechanics and integration. Because of their help, we were able to exploit untapped potential in the revision planning together with our contractors"

Plant manager, Lignite-fired power plant

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Your success is our expectation.
Your industry is our focus.

Every project that we take on will yield measurable results for our clients. Take advantage of our industry-specific knowledge and experience from over 300 Projects and Turnarounds.



Chemistry, project volume of €21 million

ep-cm was responsible for the planning and execution of an extensive turnaround.

Our achievements:

Shortening the execution phase by over 20% while significantly cutting down on costs

Oil & Gas, project volume of €214 million

ep-cm was responsible for employing a homogeneous team responsible for scheduling and project controls for many projects of a client.

Our achievements:

Noticeably enhancing the projects' flexibility and continuity


Pharmaceutical, project volume of €131 million

ep-cm simultaneously supported four projects in the areas of scheduling, controlling, claims management and procurement.

Our achievements:

Inreasing efficiency by over 40% compared to previouos methods


CropScience, project volume of €270 million

ep-cm took over construction management and coordination of subcontractors as a combined service.

Our achievements:

Significant reduction of intersections and elimination of additional work compared to our clients' previous projects.