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From a newcomer to a top service provider.

ep-cm has evolved over the past number of years, from being a newcomer in the service sector to a successful company for the process industry. Because of our comprehensive knowledge and experience, we provide solutions and reliability during all phases of your Turnaround lifecycle. We offer customized consulting services and use a 'hands on' approach,  which has established us among the top ranked enterprises within this sensitive market.

Focused on planning - service with passion.

We place our main focus on the planning, management, and controls of all Turnaround projects. As an innovative company we are always engaged in introducing the newest success-oriented methodology. A priority for us is to offer technical and commercial solutions in the turnaround and maintenance business sector. This includes improvements in all levels of maintenance, calculations and accounting for contract work, developing benchmarks and much more.

In our references you will find an extensive group of permanent clients - probably the best indicator for the ep-cm's competence in this market sector.


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